In the next couple of months, many will find themselves finishing up their degrees at university and bound for graduation. Even if you graduated last year, it may still feel like it’s just you and your trusty degree against the world? Feel reassured in the knowledge that you won’t be the first nor the last person to find yourself in this situation… feeling fairly daunted by the prospect of what’s on the horizon. It can be an emotional journey and so, we’re here to offer some guidance with our top five books for recent graduates. Find a title that works for you…

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University tuition fees 'should be cut to £7,500'


University tuition fees in England should be cut to £7,500, says a landmark review commissioned by the government. This will be balanced by extending repayments from 30 to 40 years - so that people could be paying back student loans into their 60s. But the review calls for the return of maintenance grants, which were axed in 2016, for poorer students. Prime Minister Theresa May said scrapping them had been a mistake. What are the main proposals? The review, chaired by the banker Philip Augar, has come up with ideas to provide better value for money in higher and further education.

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Schools warned to be braced for 'more variation than usual' in GCSE and A-level as reforms take their toll


Schools have been warned by the exam watchdog to be braced for “more variation than usual” in this year’s GCSE and A-level results, as reforms take their toll. This summer is the second year that students are taking re-vamped GCSE exams in a raft of subjects. The new courses were part of a package of reforms by former Education Secretary Michael Gove, designed to toughen up syllabuses, make courses more linear, and cut down on the number of students getting A*s. A-level courses haven also been re-designed, with coursework and modules axed in many subjects. The shake up followed concerns from universities that schools leavers were insufficiently prepared for the demands of higher education.

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But now there is an alternative…… It’s the Logik LK 83XP which has almost all the features of the FX 83GT Plus (no verify or recurring decimal) and with one big advantage…… it’s dual power.  This combination of battery and solar power prolongs battery life and gives extra reassurance for your students when used in exams.

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Accelerate the development of NQTs and early career teachers


The Accelerate programme provides professional development and expert support to help newly qualified and early career teachers become better classroom teachers.

What you can get: Accelerate is a 4 term structured and evidence based programme that includes: 

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School bans sausage rolls, pork pies and fruit squash from children's lunchboxes in healthy eating drive

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Aschool’s ban on sausage rolls, pork pies and fruit squash from children’s lunch boxes has provoked a furious backlash among parents. The new policy, introduced this term at Shirley Manor Primary Academy, in Wyke, near Bradford, West Yorkshire, is part of a healthy eating drive. But parents have criticised the “Whole School Food and Drink Policy”, describing them as “ridiculous". Steve Fryer, 52, whose son allegedly had his sausage roll confiscated from his packed lunch, described his son as a fussy eater and said: "Teachers are there to teach them. You send your kids to school to learn." Another parent said: "I am all for healthiness, but sometimes, they can be picky eaters. I

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Sometimes, however many times we  remind  students  to bring the right equipment to lessons and exams, there tends to be a few who have either forgotten they’ve got a maths lesson or exam  or have remembered,  but  arrive without a pen, ruler, pencil, compass  etc. It’s now possible to obtain a “ready made” solution to this problem The  “Value Maths Set”  contains a metal compass and half pencil, two quality black ink ballpens,  HB pencil, 15 cm ruler,  180 degree protractor, eraser and  sharpener.  All packed in a convenient “exam friendly,”   clear pvc zip up wallet. Reassuringly good value and an instant solution to the problem of students turning up for

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Academics call for tackles and scrums to be banned from school rugby games

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Schools should ban “harmful contact” from rugby games, experts have said. In a new opinion piece published in a leading medical journal, academics said that tackles and scrums should be prohibited on school playing fields. Allyson Pollock and Graham Kirkwood from the Institute of Health at Newcastle University argue that most injuries in youth rugby occur due to the collision elements of the game. Concussion still 'slipping through the net' despite treatment progress Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), they said that ministers should “put the interests of the child before those of corporate professional rugby unions”. Removing collision from school rugby is likely to

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Trump administration scraps Obama's campus sexual assault rules

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Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rescinded an Obama-era policy on campus sexual assault - a move campaigners say may make it harder for victims to report attacks. "As I said earlier this month, the era of rule by letter is over," Ms DeVos said, adding that rights of the accused should be balanced with victims' rights. The Obama administration's policies essentially put Title IX, the federal law banning gender discrimination in education, at the centre and prompted schools to take responsibility for sexual assault cases. Betsy DeVos to end Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault It also lowered the standards victims needed to meet in order to prove

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UK graduates repaid £50m more in student debt than necessary in 2016

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Tens of thousands of graduates in the UK paid £50m more than necessary in student loan repayments last year, new figures show. Data obtained by The Times through a freedom of information request show that around 86,000 former students overpaid in 2016, compared with only 52,000 in 2010. The average overpayment was £592, but 260 people paid back between £5,000 and £10,000 too much. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has blamed the Student Loans Company (SLC) for the overpayment error, saying there are issues over whether the organisation is able to “ingest” the data on how much it has collected frequently enough to keep up. HMRC receives real-time data from

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Loneliness: The cost of the 'last taboo'

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Researchers have put a financial price on an "epidemic of loneliness" - estimating it costs £6,000 per person in health costs and pressure on local services. But the London School of Economics study of older people says for every £1 spent in preventing loneliness there are £3 of savings. Deborah Moggach, author of the novel adapted for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films about retired people from the UK going to India, said: "Loneliness really is the last taboo." She said old age must not be an "inevitable descent into despair" and more efforts had to be made to stop people becoming isolated and lonely. "We have to stop thinking of this as someone else's problem. As a

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