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Of course, when a hoodie, a tee-shirt, or anything else is chosen as part of the official leaving clothing for those now departing the school, the look of the items will be what attracts the students first of all. But hidden behind this is a second factor, and one that turns out to be much more important. Because it turns out that some items of leavers’ clothing are made on the basis that they are only going to be worn once or twice.  After that, it is argued, it doesn’t matter if the clothing deteriorates, because the leaver won’t be wearing it any more.

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The row over VC pay is a distraction from the real issues blighting our universities today

International Teaching


After a summer of rumbling discontent, Thursday’s announcement that universities will be fined if they fail to justify high salaries for vice chancellors was evitable. Institutions will now have to publish details of all staff earning more than £100,000 alongside a written explanation to the new regulating body, the Office for Students, if anyone in the top job is to be paid more than the Prime Minister. Whether or not late-submitters will be kept back for detention remains uncertain. Lord Adonis, the former Labour cabinet minister and architect of the current fees regime, has been at the forefront of challenging the £234,000 average salary paid to university heads. In what began as a one-man

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busuu helps employees to start language learning at the right level

International Teaching


busuu releases adaptive placement test that helps language learners to find their level and HR professionals to enhance language skills in their organisation. busuu’s new placement test places language students at the exact right lesson in the English, French, Spanish and German course. The test takes 10 minutes on average and tests vocabulary, grammar, reading and comprehension. At the end students get graded based on their CEFR level (that’s the Common European Framework of Reference) and placed in the appropriate lessons in their level.

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Universities face fine if they fail to justify paying vice-Chancellors more than Prime Minister 

International Teaching


Universities will be fined unless they can justify paying their vice-Chancellor more than the Prime Minister. Jo Johnson, the universities minister, will unveil plans today that will see institutions forced to demonstrate that vice-Chancellor salaries over £150,000 represent value for money. The minister’s announcement comes amid growing concern about the largesse of universities where vice chancellors now typically enjoy six-figure packages with grace and favour homes and gold plated pensions. In a speech at Brunel University, Mr Johnson will say that he aims to curb the “spiralling" growth of vice-Chancellor pay packets and that “exceptional pay can only be justified by exceptional

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International Teaching


A new approach has been developed in the UK to minimise the disruption caused by pupils who have behaviour problems and for others whose learning is undermined by emotional problems.  The solution is the Integrative Holistic model of Play Therapy.  This now has a clinical evidence base of over 12,000 cases showing its effectiveness.  It is being used in 45 countries and over 1500 primary schools in the UK. When therapy is delivered to the standards of Play Therapy UK, between 77% and 84% of the children show a positive change as observed by teachers and parents.

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